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<Bullies of Belves>

    BoB is an Alliance PvP guild forming for Cataclysm. Our primary focus will be organizing multiple, large rated battlegrounds teams when they are available. In fact, this is a guild that will not exist anywhere in game until such time as Cataclysm is released. This guild is initially formed by a moderately large group of friends wanting to get a headcount on the likely player basis sometime prior to Cataclysm's release.

We will be forming on one of these realms:
Ravenholdt-US RP-PVP
Maelstrom-US RP-PVP
Emerald Dream-US RP-PvP
Lightninghoof-US RP-PvP

This will be determined one month before launch via a vote on the site. We are NOT an RP guild, but it is well established that these servers tend to have a more mature, pleasant population.

Things one is likely to find in this guild:

1) Experienced players whose primary area of focus is either battlegrounds, arenas, world PvP, or the soon-to-be rated battlegrounds.

2) Mature individuals who will provide you with reasonable in-game assistance, including leveling, profession leveling, and most certainly obtaining gems, glyphs, and enchants useful to you in PvP situations.

3) Cookies and refreshments.

4) People who have lives outside of WoW, and more often than not cannot dedicate themselves to rigerous nightly raiding schedules, though this does not mean we will never do any PvE content. (I hear there's no resilience on PvE drawpz!)

Things you will not find in this guild:

1) Loot drama. Absolutely zero loot drama. (Just nerdraging!)

2) Closed-minded, hateful individuals, who feel that their own personal religious/philosophical/political views need to be spread across the internet. As if anyone gives two shits, amirite?

3) Unreliable individuals. Again, having a life outside of the game is not only expected, it is strongly encouraged. That being said, when you're in the game, guildies come first. We're a big, happy, nerdy family.

4) Most importantly, no stick-in-the-muds without a sense of humor. If you can't laugh or enjoy yourself, you really shouldn't be playing video games at all, let alone applying to this guild.

Quick note of the guild founders:

    Some of us have been friends for quite some time, and played many games together. Though most of us have played WoW before (several at the 2300+ level), this is our first coming together to play WoW as a group. We're a very welcoming social circle, and we not only have no interest in judging you on personal matters, we also agree it would be a waste of everyone's time to do such things, especially over the internet.


    To begin your application, simply make an account on this website, and then head over to the application section of the forums. Note that you will not be able to access any of of the members only sections until your application has been approved.
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Jackalrat, Jul 1, 10 7:06 AM.
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